This is Love [Heechul’s Rap]


지난 봄날부터 써온 너와 나의 첫 번째 이야기

Our first story was written starting from last spring

매일이 Lovely day 어느새 우린 진심 어린

Every day is a lovely day, now our relationship is like an honest mirror

거울 같은 사이 네가 좋은 이유?

The reason I like you?

글쎄.. 말하자면 우리들의 사랑은 Andante보다 많이 빠른 행복?

Well, to explain it, our love is a happiness that is faster than andante

내게 소원이 있나요? 라고 물으면

If they ask if I have a wish, I’ll say it’s only you

오직 너라고 영원히 해바라기처럼 머문다고

I’ll stay with you forever like a sunflower


it’s duck!Teuk making a comeback everyone!

Sungmin throws a kiss to Shindong at the other end of the line.


earlyboysd: #Woo~~ #Sexy~ #Manshouldbeintheir30s

kimheenim:Smile~ :) #MAMACITA #ShindongDontGoㅠㅠ (c)

 when someone gets to do a cool part behind the members (or behind yesung (kyu!slide) for that matter)




Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up


Hey! Hey! Line up here, Hey! Hey! Line up here


kyuhyun - shirt

Shirt Shirt Shirt  ‘Shake Shake Shake’


EunHae opening for Shirt

"140829 Yesung came to watch “Shirt” pre-recording~"
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I couldn’t have asked for a better first comeback as an ELF <3

I’m gonna go cry now ;;;;


140829 MUSIC BANK - Super Junior Interview Backstage!