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Victoria and Zhou Mi dancing to “The Three Bears”

dude is a gender neutral term if you think differently you are wrong


Han Geng signed 100 limited edition rubber duckies to auction for charity. All proceeds will go to Huayi Brothers’ charity fund for increasing cinema accessibility to children from poor families | cr: 关注就是力量


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140930 kimheenim: the collar that Heebummie was wearing originally had a cute little bell that goes ting-a-ling^-^ I was thinking about how cute it was when you hear the bell sound whenever this fellow Heebummie moves around.. The bell sound that allows me to find Heebummie wherever he hides was really cute and lovely^-^ and after some time(,) it was the night and it was time for me to sleep…. “Ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ting a ling ling ling ling ling ldhsosnla” arghhhhh!! Its noisy!! I can’t sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i took out the bell^.~ #HEEBUM #HEECHUL (cr)

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(141001) Happy National Day in China! | cr: chinahangeng

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"When did it become ELF protecting Super Junior? Super Junior should protect ELF!"


I keep on reading posts of some ELF, stating how happy they were that after 6 years, Super Junior has finally learned how to stand up for themselves.

To be honest, I was also proud and happy at first, but looking back at what happened, I realized one thing - Super Junior never really stood up for themselves.

“So even if I’m tired, I have to pretend that everything’s okay…”

“Only when no one was noticing me did I secretly cry…”

“In the end, it still hurts…”

“We talk about it and we may laugh about it, but when I go home I cry.”

“It’s hard…”

“I was doing well holding it in. It’s too hard… Really… Truly…”

Do something wrong to Super Junior, no matter how big it is, they will feel bad, post a thing or two about it then shrug off their shoulders, let it go and pretend like nothing ever happened.

Yesterday, the most pitiful fans were ELF.
(The statements below are just excerpts from the fan account of rainy527@weibo, translated by fayerielf. Click link to read full article.)

“There was the news of SBS having already recorded Super Junior’s performance and there were only about 10 fans present as no one received any information. Neither the SBS or SM staff released any information.”

“The staff ignored us and just said “Just wait here, we’ll tell you later.” but they never told us where we should queue. They even chatted with other artists’ fans until all the other fans have finished queuing then they told us to queue at the back.”

“According to SM’s allocation we have 40 spaces less than that fan base with the most seats. Eventually ELF were all separated and were allocated into the little holes with other fan bases.”

“They already handed out fan support items like towels, balloons and headbands to other fans except ELF.”

“You can say that ELF stood there for 6+ hours and that doesn’t even include the queuing time and we only saw about 8 minutes worth of performances.”

“I can see the reaction of the fans from a certain fan base. All pointing at ELF and laughing.”

“Because we were all separated, and we don’t have the lighted hairbands, which don’t even needed to be held up, nor the balloons which are easily recognizable nor the official towels and it was so crowded in the “holes” they allocated to us, we can only scream like crazy just hoping that they can see. Even if there were only 1 ELF there she would give them full support.”

“When it all ended it was late. But we have not eaten nor drank anything for the whole day. Many ELF were like this. And it was cold outside but there isn’t a train back”

“When I heard the total quietness (no fanchants) clips I really cannot take it and cried myself into a mess.”

But do something wrong, even so remotely small, to ELF - and all hell breaks lose!

“If there weren’t ELF then Suju wouldn’t even be able to breathe and wouldn’t even be able to sing.”

“Any way.. you look at it, there isn’t a group more hard-working than us, and there can’t be a group more pitiful than us..damn it! if we’ve done anything wrong, it must be the crime of working too hard, don’t you agree everyone? well just forget it.. what a long day..”

“This year-end doesn’t mean anything without our ELF… so frustrated!!!!!! Eat food, eat food twice.”

Eat thrice~^^ kekeke,”

“Keep eating.”

(‘Eat food’ also translates to f.uck you)

And you will know that things are actually truly bad when even Siwon started cursing.

Without even thinking about their reputation, without even thinking about what other people might think or say about them, without even thinking about the consequences of their action - Super Junior stood up. But they didn’t stand up for themselves.

Super Junior stood up to protect their ELF.

Some people say it is over reacting, rude and immature. But who are they to speak? They just read the posts and comment on it. The truth is, they never really know anything at all.

“This isn’t right… They should’ve put up notices beforehand, no? I’ll apologize on behalf of them~”

“Sorry ELF~”

And why should Super Junior apologize for something that wasn’t even their fault?

Since the beginning, it has always been Super Junior and ELF, ELF and Super Junior. And though sometimes Super Junior and ELF go together with DBSK and Cassies and/or SHINee and Shawols, and/or other fandoms but at the end of the day, it is still just us - Super Junior and ELF.


Can you blame us for wanting to protect each other? Can you blame us for reacting and fighting back when others hurt those whom we love and treasure the most?

I bet you don’t even understand why we are part of this Sapphire Blue Ocean.

Because Super Junior is the most goodlooking? Biasness aside, there are other idols who are far better looking than they are. Talented? Other groups can also do the things that Super Junior can do, maybe even more, maybe even better. Because they are the best? Well, now we all know that that’s not really true.

So why?

“When no one acknowledged us, when no one helped us. To the best fan club that made us feel the ‘mightiness’. Our ELF, I sincerely thank you again.”

“I love you, ELF!”

“ELF, who stood by us even though we are still lacking.”

“We couldn’t receive this award if not for ELF.”

“Thank you all 40 thousand ELF! Let’s rock again tomorrow.”

“Thank you for being ELF!”

“We are nothing without ELF.”

ELF: Is there such thing called love?
Leeteuk: Then what are we made of?


For all the years that I have been a part of this fandom, never, ever did they make me feel that I am just a mere fan. What they always made me feel is that ‘I am an ELF’ - the Ever Lasting FRIEND of Super Junior.

Where will you ever find idols queuing for a cup of coffee at their own cafe?

Where will you ever find idols treating almost 600 of their fans to a warm cup of coffee after watching their performance on a chilly night?

Where will you ever find idols dancing and playing peek-a-boo with their fans at the airport?

Where will you ever find idols taking pictures of their fans, posting it in their (cyworld/twitter) accounts with the captions ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’?

Where will you ever find idols asking fans to have dinner together with their family because they are thankful?

Where will you ever find idols treating one another as brothers even though they are not really of the same blood?

Where will you ever find idols composing, making and dedicating songs especially for their fans?

Where will you ever find idols wanting to donate a ‘golden disk’ that was gifted to them because they feel that it could help people more?

Where will you ever find idols running back during a race competition to help his fellow racer who tripped?

Where will you ever find idols asking songwriters and composers to change a song that’s supposed to be a tribute to them to one that will be a tribute to their fans?

Where will you ever find idols praying and crying for their fans that died?

Where will you ever find idols protecting their fans?

Where will you ever find idols personally helping search for a fan who went missing?

Where will you ever find idols giving chocolates to their fans at their concerts?

Where will you ever find idols commenting on a fan’s video telling him that he did a good job with his own cover of their song and that they’ve enjoyed watching it?

Where will you ever find idols treating their antis to dinner?

Where will you ever find idols saying sorry to fans because they are in a hurry and couldn’t chat with them a longer more?

Where will you ever find idols treating their fans ice creams during summer?

Where will you ever find idols thanking their fans profusely as if there is no tomorrow?

Where will you ever find idols including their stylists, designers, PD’s, managers, etc. in their thank you speech?

Where will you ever find idols waving and making heart signs inside their hotel room window just to show how much they appreciate the fans that are waiting for them outside?

Where will you ever find idols asking fans if they wanted to go up the hotel room because the air outside is pretty cold?

Where will you ever find idols continuing to sing and dance under the rain without any protection just because they know that their fans are watching them?

Where will you ever find idols asking fans to take care of their health?

Where will you ever find idols giving their own drinks and foods to fans?

Where will you ever find idols performing and doing their best even though they are really sick just because their fans deserve only the best?

Where will you ever find idols bowing down and shaking the staffs’ hands to say thank you?

Where will you ever find idols giving a deep bow at the red carpet?

Where will you ever find idols tightly shaking the hands and hugging their fans after a performance?

Where will you ever find idols staying on stage a little bit longer, even though they are already tired and sleepy, because they feel that the people who took time to watch them deserve all the thank you’s that they could get?

Where will you ever find idols bowing 90 degrees for almost 10 seconds just to show how grateful they are?

Maybe for other people, Super Junior is just another K-Pop group. But if they just look a little closer, then will they realize that Super Junior is much more than that

So why am I an ELF?

“In the end, all the performers left the stage except Super Junior. Only Super Junior bowed down to all directions. Leeteuk, Hyukjae, Sungmin, Shindong and Ryeowook all came to bow and shake hands with people. My tears almost fell and all these is worth it. They understand us and their hearts hurt for us. Their gazes as they did their bows and handshakes cannot lie.”

I am an ELF.
Because that choice would never be wrong.

I am an ELF.
Because Super Junior is all worth it.

I am an ELF.
Because being an ELF is such an honor.


lesson of the day: don’t ever be a kpop fan it’s tiring, you cry a lot and everything always happens so much